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The amount of information about tech and industry trends is staggering. We know you don’t have time to stay on top of it all.

Let us curate the trends we believe are most compelling, important and potentially game-changing. We’ll share them here in a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand, multi-industry view from the forefront of emerging trends. 

First up…The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

tablet controlling industrial equipment

It started with the Internet of Things (IoT) — when smart devices that could interact with people and environments entered our homes, workplaces and entertainment venues. That’s extended a step further — to industrial organizations — where sensors, networks and analytics make operations smarter, safer and more efficient: IIoT

The possibilities are endless. Unimaginable supply chain capabilities, asset tracking, equipment that monitors and fixes itself. And, industrial markets, including automotive, food and beverage, shipbuilding, material handling and semiconductor segments, are uniquely situated to take advantage of connected capabilities.

Let’s talk damage control and safety. Oil refineries use the IIoT to prevent damage. Self-monitoring valves feature sensors which alert employees when corroded valves are about to cause leaks.

IIoT already is poised to expand to the consumer-facing verticals of behind-the-scenes operations. Using the auto industry as an example, rather gamble on what the customer will want, a new car can come off the line with options customized to a particular customer preference.

Harnessed effectively IIoT can enable entire plants to be managed remotely!

IIoT affords industry limitless possibility for scalability and automation, but with this unprecedented integration and connection comes a need for greater security and redundancy.

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